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6 Creative Suggestions On How To Begin A Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and contrast essays are usually very hard for beginners, because they require a lot of research. No matter how hard you work, the most important thing is how you are going to start your essay. It should be a brief introduction that convinces people that they have to read you work.

Start you serious essay with a joke

Compare and contrast essays are usually very hard to write, but they can be demanding to read if the writer didn’t make the problem interesting enough. It is a good trick to start your essay with a joke or anecdote or just a funny story. That can catch someone’s attention, especially if you choose to tell a story that depicts what you will write about.

Don’t be sorry for what you didn’t do

Don’t apologies to your readers at the very beginning of the paper. Be very convinced that in this moment, you are an expert when it comes to comparing two ideas that you chose. If you start your paper with negation or explaining the things that you weren’t able to do in this work, the reader is going to feel a negative vibe about it and will not appreciate the work no matter how good it was.

Convince them you are special

Convince you reader that what they are about to see is live changing, and that they will miss out on much in they do not read your paper. Start your work by explaining that this is something that they have probably never read before, and that it is a unique perspective on the issue.

Choose your words

Try to use really simple, short but to the point constructions at the beginning of you essay. You shouldn’t be too detailed, because you will lose you readers attention. Try with short, meaningful word that tells the reader at the very beginning what this paper is all about, and why it is important for them to read it.

Create an eye catching plot

If you start your work with a shocking statement, interesting taught, or you start a story and never finish it in the introduction, you readers will be hooked. Start with something that will make then not want to stop reading your essay.

Convince them that you worked a lot

Tell your readers that you have been working hard. They will appreciate all the books you had to read, and all the issues you had with writing this essay. Even if that is a white lie, you work in the introduction is to convince you reader that your work is worth reading, so everything is allowed.

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