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A List Of Brave New World Essay Topics To Consider

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Most literature lovers have definitely heard of and probably read the Brave new world novel. Well, for those haven’t, here is enlightenment. This is a science fiction novel that was written and published in the 20th century. The novel addressed strong themes ranging from religion, politics, and social behavior among others. It also has a fair share of controversy and injustices that reflect the state of governance in many societies today. This great piece of work, like any other literature attracted both positive and negative criticism. Some writers have also compared it’s themes with some of Shakespeare’s themes. However, every piece of writing is usually unique and great in its own way and hence the need to handle it within context and with reference to the writer.

One would argue that most brave new world essay prompts are due to the originality of the novel as well as the strong themes expressed there in. Many have expressed their interest to write essays based on this great literature and the outcomes have been very interesting. Writings that attract criticism are always very interesting to analyze and review. The best way to do this is by coming up with an essay that relates all the themes and brings an inter-connection. The results of such analysis are amazing.

The only way to address the brave new world essay prompts is by writing the essay. There is a list of strong and interesting topics that one can consider. The sources of these topics are the questions and issues addressed by other readers who showed interest in the same literature. They include:

  • Explain how some of the characters are conditioned to find freedom even in an oppressive state
  • Discuss briefly the major relationship between politics, religion and science in the world state
  • What is the relationship between truth and happiness as portrayed by the World state society?
  • How can one validate the arguments against freedom as discussed in the play?
  • Explain how the castes represent the contemporary society
  • Fiction is overdone in the main themes of the play. Discuss
  • There is a subtle suppression of religion by politics hidden behind claims to human rights.
  • The world state treats the people like commodities. Discuss
  • Explain the interaction between men and women in the world state
  • Who is who in politics and the social arena? men or women

Even though brave new world is quite ancient, it is possible to bring it back to life in this century. One can get the materials from old libraries and archives and use modern style to revive it. The relevance of the themes even in today’s life cannot be ignored. Many states in the world are still dealing with political instabilities, religious controversies and social injustices. Literature is the mirror of any society. Addressing such issues in writing will go a long way in shaping the society.

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