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Edgar Allan Poe Essay: Writing Guidelines For Newbies

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A good essay is defined by the manner in which ideas are articulated to bring out a particular theme and answer the necessary questions. Finding catchy topics to write about is not a problem. There are a variety of topic ideas ranging from politics, human rights, drug abuse amongst others. However, a starter may want to know what really makes a reader tick when it comes to this kind of writing. Different people enjoy different styles of writing but for essays, there are basic rules that when followed bring life to the discourse.

According to Edgar Allan Poe, the following simple guidelines make a whole world of difference in essay writing.

  • Decide the end from the beginning; an essay takes the form of a narrative where ideas have to flow from the introduction, through the body, and to the conclusion. For this to happen, the writer must see the end from the beginning.
  • Choosing the tone; Most Edgar Allan Poe essay topics represent a strong theme but they are balanced out in the general tone of the discourse.
  • Be brief; the shorter the essay, the safer it is for the writer. When the essay is too long, chances are that readers will get bored or mistakes will be more. One should keep it short, simple, and precise.
  • Deciding on the effect desired; a writer has the ability to manipulate the emotions of the reader. These effects should be considered as early as when one is choosing the topic. Edgar Allan Poe’s essay topics always trigger a particular effect on the reader before they get into the body of the story.

For starters, delivering a professionally done essay is usually a daunting task. That’s why they can always pay for essays online and get professional support with writing they require. However, once one has learned the ropes in this kind of writing, the rest falls into place. The secret is to write and keep on writing. As they say, ‘practice makes perfect.’

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