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Generally, an essay is supposed to be interesting to read. Well-articulated sentences and consistent tense. It’s just a form of a story that is normally written as an academic paper, a paper for writing competitions, or for history writing jobs. For one to come up with a good history discourse, many things must come in to play. The following are basic tips on how to come up with a catchy one.

  • Understand the topic; for any narrative to flow, the writer must have internalized and owned up the subject of their story. It is impossible for one to articulate something that they are not well familiar with.
  • Research; the need to have adequate material when writing cannot be over-emphasized. For an essay to flow, one must have researched thoroughly. The title, introduction, body and conclusion of their narrative must sync.
  • Answer the question; Even though this kind of writing can easily pass for a story, the outstanding difference is that an discourse must answer the question asked. It is ok to write an interesting story but if it doesn’t answer the question then it is incomplete.
  • Tense consistency; the main tense in writing a history essay is past tense. Then one of the general rules in this kind of writing is choosing one tense and using it consistently. Therefore it goes without saying that in this case one must stick to past tense.
  • Relevance; remaining relevant throughout is key when it comes to discourse writing. A history one involves a journey back to the past. However, this doesn’t mean that one must be all over the place. It is always good to remain focused on the subject.

Writing a breath-taking essay is not necessarily complicated but it takes a great deal of creativity and quick reasoning. One must be able to bring the past back to life and make their reader experience it like it’s happening now.

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